Thom Garrett

Dec 25, 2016

1 min read

Seriously, Ron Collins? You read an honest reflection from a parent about a complex situation and you feel it’s appropriate to launch into a 2 minute rant about how she and all single mothers fall short in your eyes? I have read nearly everything this author has written and I find her to be a sincere and insightful writer, and I believe your “extreme skepticism” is misplaced. This is the first piece I’ve read by you, and I find you to be rude, sarcastic, and egocentric. This may be the Internet where rules of common courtesy don’t generally apply, but I think that the Medium community has set a higher bar, and, with some sad exceptions, we treat each other with more respect. In my opinion you owe Ms. Colman an apology, and perhaps need to reflect on your own feelings that would lead you to write this. I suspect your annimosity has more to do with your own issues than with the simple story she told.

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