S Lynn Knight Hi Sandy. Danna and I are confused now regarding our submission to TWK. We wrote a story using your prompt generator and then published it as a members only story and submitted it to you at the same time. It is not yet in your pub but it has been receiving claps from members. We just checked the Medium Partner Program and it says we are not receiving any pay for that story because it is in TWK. So please help us to understand — will we receive the payment for the period before the story is actually published by you retroactively, or is that now lost because the story was submitted but not published? None of our stories actually earns much, but we are having fun receiving what we do, and we hate to have a good story that is being read but not earning. We would like to contribute to TWK, but this has been frustrating. What are your thoughts?

Writing about life and love, along with a few crazy stories just for fun.

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