Thom Garrett

Dec 13, 2016

1 min read

His Story (Part 3)

Closer now, my head is filled with your fragrance, and I am drunk on the scent of your hair, the touch of your skin, and that look in your eyes.

At last, after far too long apart, I can almost taste your lips, but then you whisper something, and, like an elusive bird, that kiss is whisked away.

Anxious to savor what I have only dreamed, I am taken aback by the sudden turn of your head, but I can’t forget the desire I saw in your eyes just a moment ago.

If I have learned only one thing from months teased by separation, it has been patience, so I squeeze your hand and whisper your name, and then I say, “Show me the ocean.”

Companion Pieces:

Writing about life and love, along with a few crazy stories just for fun.

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