Thom Garrett

Dec 21, 2016

2 min read

His Story and Her Story (Part 5)

With my hands finally resting on your waist, I feel your strength and your vulnerability, and I know when I look in your eyes that I’m home at last.

Our eyes meet, and I feel you can see into me as no one has ever done, revealing all my thoughts and desires.

For months I have waited for this moment, and now at last I wrap my arms around you, holding your body as I want to hold your heart.

I lean into you to catch my breath and feel your arms tremble around me as your heart beats hard against mine, and I know that what I am feeling is an echo of your feelings, two voices in harmony.

Your head on my shoulder and your arms around me, you pull me closer still, and my senses are flooded with you as I drink the smell, the feel, the taste of your hair.

You bury your face in my hair, but I think again that I have never wanted anything more than this kiss, and then the rest of our thoughts are lost between our lips.

With a tilt of your head, you invite me, and so we kiss, the last first kiss I will ever have.

In your arms at last, I breathe you in, and I know this is the only way I ever want to kiss again.

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