Hi Jack! Thanks for your thoughtful response. We really appreciate it!

Good suggestion about the easy link to the next chapter. Not sure when, but we’ll try to get that done.

Here’s answers to your questions:

What target audience do you have in mind? Probably 8–12 year-olds, and more likely girls but not exclusively.

Would this be for kids who can read on their own, kids who get read to, a bit of both? We’re thinking for kids who read on their own, but a lot of older grade school kids still like “story time” so it could be a read-aloud book, too. The vocabulary could be challenging for younger readers, but that was intentional. My kids loved learning new words, and there’s nothing worse than talking down to children.

Short chapters, one illustration at the start of each (pretty much like you have it here on Medium) or a more continuous story? Just as we have it — short chapters with a picture so there are frequent peaks in the action and cliffhangers.

Please let us know any feedback from your reader. Thanks again, Jack!

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