Counting the Days

You are the stars above
constant and lovely
beyond merely distant
you are transcendent

You are the moon
circling serenely
a face I know
but always beyond my reach

You are the sunrise
warming my skin
filling my eyes with your light
gone before I can hold you

You are the wind
caressing my cheeks and brushing my hair
touching so tenderly
but untouchable

You are music
a rhythm familiar but new
that finds its way to my hips
and makes me sway

You are just out of reach
the ache in my hands
the unmet twist of my fingers
the absent warmth on my palms

You are the taste in my mouth
sweet and savory
portions taken ravenously
dripping from my lips

You are the whiskey in my blood
hot in my throat
pulsing through my body
anticipation leaving me drunk

You are my unsated desire
each bone and every fiber
incessantly cries out for your presence
and languishes in your uncompromising absence

You are my madness
laying waste to reason and restraint
a perfect storm of love and lust
eclipsing all else



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